While we visited the Cinque Terre area, we camped at this beautiful little campsite in Levanto, just north of Cinque Terre national park. This turned out to be a fantastic decision, not only because the campground was great and a freak, intense thunderstorm forced us to buy a tarp which has helped us since, but because the town of Levanto really treated us well. As disillusioned as we were with Cinque Terre, that’s how much we enjoyed Levanto. Warm and beautiful with twisting alleys and gorgeous beaches, we spent most of our three days in this area soaking up everything we could here, at our last stop in Italy. Then we packed up camp at 3:00am and took a 14 hour train(s) ride to Paris.

*Also you should know two important things I love about this place: the wisteria trees (photo with patrick standing under it) and the fact that the most common vehicle on the road is, by far, the Piaggio Ape50 (photo of me towering over it). I want one of these vehicles. Badly.