Cinque Terre

Before I start, I want to say for those of you who have been to and love Cinque Terre, we loved it too. The towns were beautiful and amazing, the water was gorgeous and the gelato was great. That being said, after only a few hours in the towns we needed to get out. In a very hypocritical way, we really hated the onslaught of tourists we had to fight our way through. There were so many people all just gawking at the villagers who are either trying to: A) deal with the wave of tourism that has completely changed their way of life or B) trying as best they can to continue their lifestyle and ignore all the sunscreened, Rick Steve guidebook clutching, tourists blocking their path. And it wasn’t even high season! I can’t imagine the whirlwind of people who hit these five towns in the summer. If you don’t know much about Cinque Terre, it’s well worth the wiki/google search to see these towns. They are as beautiful in real life as they are in the photos.