Cecina on the Ligurian Coast

Cecina (cha-chin-na) is the closest “city” to Podere Vallari. It’s not terribly far and we can see it clearly in the valley while we work in the vineyards and olive groves. The land flattens out a fair bit as it drops towards the sea so on Sunday, Patrick and I borrowed Ursula & Sigismund’s bikes and pedaled into Cecina. It was slightly less demoralizing to me than the uphill hike to Riparbella the day before (that’s a whole other post). The town has some beautiful bike paths and we made our way down to a public beach, after stopping at a bar to have a beer or two and a prosciutto and artichoke panini.

The sun was hot and the beautiful Ligurian sea was cool and before we knew it, we were both more red than brown. We stopped for gelato on the way home and walked through the outdoor flower market. All in all, it was a beautiful Sunday trip.

One thought on “Cecina on the Ligurian Coast

  1. Love the pics cuz! This looks like an amazing trip, I’m super jealous!