Montemarte Cemetery

The Montemarte cemetery is awesome. Full of shapes and colours and textures. Enjoy.




After a 16 hours of transit and train rides that began at 3am, we arrived in Paris just in time for a late supper. Though we’d heard from a few other travellers that Paris was beautiful but the people could be unfriendly, we found it to be entirely untrue. Within a few moments of standing confused in front of the metro map, we were approached by a wonderful Parisienne who told us which station we needed to get to and since it was the same direction as her, chatted with us the whole ride about our trip and Canada and television shows, etc.

We had AirBnB’d a place in the 19th and it was beautiful. Our host Assia even made us breakfast every morning! We were out of the busy city centre, along a canal, a block from the metro and on a street full of all kinds of wonderful ethnic foods and produce sellers. (I could write a whole other post about the food in Paris because pretty much EVERYTHING we had there was amazing.)

We spent four days just wandering the city streets and enjoying the beauty of the architecture and lifestyle in Paris. While it was mostly unbelievably cold, windy and stormy compared to Italy, I fell in love with the atmosphere of this place. Beautiful.



It’s only fitting that our first post about Paris should be on the Efterklang concert. Some of you know that the first thing we did that made this trip “real” was to buy tickets to Efterklang’s Paris concert. Long before we planned anything else, we knew that on April 26, we needed to be at Trabendo at 7pm.

On our way to the concert that night, we stopped for supper at a nice little cafe down the street from the venue. We were the only ones in the restaurant and as we were finishing up our meals, a big group started to filter in. Turns out, it was Efterklang and their opening act, Anna von Hausswolff. Well, we/I was so excited I was too nervous to say hi. Instead, we decided to send over a bottle of wine from their Canadian fans. This turned out to be fortuitous since it was their soundman’s birthday. However, it was quite an adventure trying to get the waitress to understand our intention during our half French, half English conversation. Surprisingly enough, my French classes up until now have not covered sending someone a drink at the bar.

The concert was, as expected, AMAZING! If you ever get a chance to see them, do it. You will not be disappointed. And what was just as fantastic, was that we were introduced to Anna von Hausswolff’s music. Seriously great.

*In a fit of either stupidity or spontaneous freedom, we decided to leave our cameras at the place we were staying and so I only have iPhone photos to show of the night.


April 25 – 28